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martes, 5 de junio de 2012

Abduction or Shamanism Rebirthing within Western Modern Science

"DEDICADO A Lavinia"

Working draft...

1. As the basic Matrix for this text, we will use

2. We approach this complex blog with the "new" scientific methodological tool called Abduction.

3. This blog is clearly abductive.

4. Abduction, from the point of view of Abductor, who is flowing pushed by that powerful atractor we call Abduction, is just what induction is for one that dominates certain field of knowledge, and moves easily from one coin to another within their speciality.

5. In this sense Abduction is as a overall Induction, as a Induction where the contexts, any of them, are approached easily, without the existence of epistemological barriers.

6. Old epistemological barriers become mining paradises, where we obtain easy answers to many old questions that were dificult to approach from individual hiperspecialities.

7. Eurioic (transdisciplinary) scientists, become surfers of a "new" cross-domain, ignote and forgotten within the hyperspecialities, called Common Sense (Common's Sense!) which, in our governments and managers, were more-or-less, "the least common of the senses".

8. Deeping beyond Common Sense, 21th century Scientific Revolution is scrolling thru Shamanism.

9. Shamanism merges within Western Modern Science, after a critical mass of scientists or and practicioners, in symbiosis, were making possible the bridge.

10. Shamanism develops your power of attention.

11. Shamanism give you, as a adult, the opportunity to reconnect again with the child you are too, increasing in you those physical actions that allows your body (as a unity), revivir your own children experiences and re fixing them, re memorizing them, reactualizing them, in your adult life.

12. Shamanic logic is children logic, is nature logic.

13. Nature, Ecosystem, whatever they would be, is from where your sage body takes the basis of information.

14. Nature is the mother of creativity. Human creativity is thus derived from Ecosystems, across our sensorial powers.

15. Shamanism, thus empowers, re-empowers Us, empowering, re-empowering, our sensorial channels.

16. That information, a miriad of bits at your free disposal, eficiently managed thru "not-focal" perception, for example walking in early morning, later become lucid ideas that you can apply in your practical life.

17. Shamanism, as Abduction, as Phenomenology, takes the great advantage of the disctintion between Perception and Thought.

18. Abduction is the way you integrate and learn from surprise.

19. Surprise have the great advantage of breaking the apparent continuity of your rutinary life.

20. More you practice Abduction, more you become trapped, con gusto, atractor, by a special sensation that actualy each moment is new.

21. You become enamorado of each instant.


 abduction 1.0 2.0 and 0.0,
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 la otra revolucion,
 shamanism come of age,
 neoutopianism come of age,
 organism-environment theory,
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 embeded-and-embodied phenomenology,
from rizome to mycorrhiza


“El razonamiento es de tres clases elementales; pero los
razonamientos mixtos son más comunes. Estas tres clases son
inducción, deducción, y presunción (para la cual el presente
autor propone el nombre abducción) ”98.

 ... ... ...